How do these door hangers look?

Hey Everyone,

Any tips on our new general door hanger?

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Looks good I can’t get past the “make your house restored” tho…

I would add more information on… Really has no call to action?

Most important things in marketing
what do you do
what does it cost
how to I contact you

“make your house restored” dosn’t sit well. And Yes, you need a call to action. a reason for them to call you. “10% new customer discount” works well.

Thanks for all replies! What’s wrong with “make your house restored”?

Look at it in a different context… Would you say “I want to make that old car restored”? No, you would most likely say “I’d like to restore that old car”. It’s just not correct grammar and sounds very odd. And besides, a big difference in a restoration and a wash job.
This is just my opinion.