How do I set this pump to allow bypass back to water tank?

Hello I’ve been reading about the business for a bit now and would like to get set up and enter the market coming season. I will be setting up in 03 Dodge Dakota. I purchased a used 4.4 GPM 4000 PSI direct driven pressure washer with a triplex piston pump for $400. The unloader valve is on the inside and I’m worried about the pressure washer overheating. I was looking at a downstream bypass kit but don’t think it will install on this pump. I want to connect a recirculating underloader/bypass valve to a 50 gallon buffer tank. Is this possible to do on this pressure washer? Can I unscrew that bolt underneath that black adjuster knob, install some sort of fitting & run a hose to the buffer tank?

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No, that nut is used to keep from adjusting the unloader too far. Take that brass plug out of the side right above where you hook the water supply up and see if that isn’t a bypass. Although, it might just be a port to run a second pressure hose. Keep in mind that they say direct drive pumps won’t pull water from a buffer tank so you’ll be relying on gravity feed. You’ll want to test how many gallons of water flow out per minute before hooking your machine up so you know you’re providing it with enough gpm and not starving the pump.

If anything just buy a new gear drive pump. What hp engine is on that washer? Is that a Generac? You’d have to search for the equation on here and, input your hp to make sure, but you might be able to go with a 5.5 gpm 3000 psi pump.

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