How do I explain this to customer?

looks like rust to me. But how did it wind up here?
At the end of lower roof.

Usually it’s a drain in soffit from an upstairs AC unit drain pan. Hit’s roof and splatters. Usually a pvc pipe extending down a few inches from the soffit.


Man, at first glance I was gonna swear it was overspray from someone doing a poor job of a previous deck staining - I see that all the time on the houses I wash! But then I saw that it a was a roof. It looks like a newer pvc/vinyl gutter downspout so maybe the old one was made of something that rusted?

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Good observation, good possibility also.

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Let them know it’s rust and that you can remove it for an additional fee


can it be seen the ground?

don’t think so

I would use words, maybe some grunting and pointing. The kids today have reverted to hieroglyphics as their main form of communication.

Sorry had to do it. :supervillain:


Alright, that made me laugh.
And today I needed that.


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Cheer up, Mike. Tomorrow is a new day :grin:


Ok, that was even funnier.
And appreciated.


Aluminum material under that rust stain caused it from water splashing up. Use an acid on it, make sure to water the aluminum and roof material so the acid does not react with that, then rinse everything when done.

Aluminum doesn’t rust

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Gotta use an aluminum magnet to see if it’s stainless or mild aluminum

Whatever that flashing material is that is what caused it. Probably some type of steal