How do configure a dual lance wand?

What tips do y’all use for the high / low for a dual lance?

I think in mine I have a 4009 in the high pressure side and a 2540 in the low pressure side. This is for an 8 gpm machine.

Ok. Thanks Micah. Do you use the dual lance a lot?

Yes. I use it anytime I’m cleaning flatwork. I use it to detail and trim in the sides and corners of concrete. It’s also the perfect tool for removing gum from concrete because you can adjust the pressure to very low pressure.

Got it. Thx. Never used one, but I got a brand new one, never used when I bought that trailer rig a few month ago… I’ve heard a lot of guys use them, but never tried yet. Thx

Oh, you’re in for a treat. There’s many times where you don’t need all the pressure… like in cleaning fleets or removing chewing gum. The pressure can really put a strain on your body. Using a dual lance wand you can easily drop the pressure, and give your body relief, just by turning the handle with your wrist.

If you have ever spent an hour or so just popping gum up from concrete you’ll know what I mean. It’s 100% easier with a dual lance wand.

What PSI are you using for gum removal?