How did you land your first Strip Mall Commercial Job?

Ive read through the latest posts here and I may be looking in the wrong places, but I figured what the heck…

Interested in hearing different stories on landing strip mall jobs.
Did you reach out to them? or did they to you?
Where I am, we have tons of strip malls all over. I think they would probably be a good start when venturing out into the commercial world.


Most of them get enough phone calls from companies soliciting there services that they don’t need to call anyone. . Small ones are often private owned and you can look up on line if it not listed somewhere one the property. Most are managed by a property management company. So you’ll need to contact them. If it’s really dirty it’s probably not because they can’t find someone to clean it it’s usually because they don’t care

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Thats sort of along the lines of what I was figuring. Im thinking these would be a good area to tackle as far as commercial goes. I’d like to try and lock in some twice a year or so type accounts.

When doing commercial entries is there a lot of reclaim/recovery that goes into those?

So many questions :zipper_mouth_face:

Depends on your area others might know better especially if they New were you are. I don’t do anything commercial so I can’t help much

I appreciate all the input!!
Im in Austin, Tx.

Start calling property managers. They always have sign up at the centers. They’re tight though. You may have better luck getting individual clients if they’re a high traffic place to do their parts. For example a grocery store going to have a lot more traffic than a nail salon. I have several like that that the stores need done, but rest of center looks fine.

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Thanks Racer.
Are you typically washing the parking lot as well? Or just entry/exit type deal? Do you have to reclaim/recover water at these jobs?
Thanks for all the input!

You have to chase your dirty water towards the nearest drain. Sometimes it takes longer to rinse water so you don’t mess up parking lot than to actually do the job. Reason you can’t be giving the work away like some of the idiots. Don’t do reclaim here, but you’re in TX and they may have different rules. Check with some of the TX guys.

Thanks, I will check on that right now

Lot Sweeping company’s frequently have the pressure washing end & if they get 1K a month for the pressure washing , they want to pay you a 1/3rd of that, all late night early AM work it gets old quick

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Thanks Maelstrom.
I figured it would be late night/early morning work but didn’t know the street sweeper guys are in on the pressure washing side. Thats interesting