How clean do I need to make a truck? Please help!

Commercial delivery fleet wash. These trucks have a lot of bug guts on them. I cannot get it off with anything I have tried. What should I use?

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Kind of like asking “how much mildew do I need to remove from a house”.

Fleetwashing isn’t detailing. If they look good at 65mph running down the road, you’ve cleaned enough


That is good to hear. I have removed ~50 percent of the bugs, the last bits are giving me a headache.

They’re not coming off even with a brush? Usually the only bugs that I have trouble with are the ones above the windshield. Also, just ask. Do your standard wash and ask what they think.

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Ive had the same experience washing unprofessionally, which is why this is so off putting to me. has some truck wash called pink thunder that should be good for what you are doing. The have a sister company that washes 18 wheelers and they are sparkling when they leave there. I use their Brown granule carwash on my personal vehicles, next to no water spots and leave a wax type shine. A little goes a long way.

@MDA1775 are you located in Fort Worth?

Southlake. You?

Dried bug guts should be one of the easiest things to clean off of equipment if they’re not your soap sucks. If I’m washing anything that’s buggy I usually give a quick coat to them before I start in the back, 3 mins later when I’m back up front they blast right off. Using a brush on them would only make it harder. I upstream though so your results may not be the same.

Steamaway does not use their own chemical when washing fleet. They use chem from LRP Industries out of Dallas. Every time LRP is delivering my soap I ask the driver where the rest is going.

You know more than I do then. I just see the vat of pink soap and they told me it was the Pink Thunder they sell. It might be but they probably buy in bulk for their onsite use. I just know the Classic Brown I use works great for my vehicles, particularly my staining truck since it gets hit with stain an a regular basis.

Sorry I just saw your reply, I live in Keller/Fort Worth, but I run my pressure washing business in Granbury, Weatherford, Stephenville, etc… nice to meet someone local!

Wow, that’s a hike to work but at least it’s a reverse commute. Nice to meet someone local too. Maybe grab a beer one day and compare notes.

Yeah, I am originally from Granbury. My wife teaches up here in Keller, and I am also a real estate photographer, so this is the ideal market for that. We are looking to move out towards Weatherford in the next year or so. Right now I am in the metroplex Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday shooting houses, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday down there pressure washing, until the pressure washing it takes off. Just let me know when you want to grab that beer! haha

My best friend from high school has a BBQ place in Granbury. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know the name of it. His name is John Sanford. We’re probably a little older than you since we graduated high school in '75…