How big of a truck?

Hey everyone! I am looking at buying a truck large enough to safely pull a 14’ trailer with a 300 gallon tank and pressure washer system. I know I probably need at least a V8 but would a F150 or 1500 be enough with a V8 or do I need F250/2500 or larger?

I dont know anyone who complained about getting the bigger truck.

That being said will the 300 gallon tank be empty most of the time when you pull? If you plan to have it full a bigger truck will help. Also what else will be on the trailer, hot pressure washer weight a lot, and so do chem tank. All that can add up to some serious weight.

I use a F150 to pull my 10ft trailer, and it pulls it fine, but its an older truck (1997), the newer F150 pull better.

Max load in trailer 3,000 lbs… your F 150 will be fine.

I have a 2006 f150 I’m looking to get rid of. It has a Dewalt 4.0 gpm pressure washer with a 200ft inlet and 200ft pressure reels with hose. I’m in SoCal right now…if I haven’t sold it here I’ll be heading to West Michigan in April.

If you’re interested hit me up (269) 804-2446 I can drive it to you if you want. Asking 6k has a clean MI title

It’s the 5.4 v8 and has just under 200,000 miles but runs great. It’s white. Rwd and crew cab. Single ladder rack. I drove it with a 100gal tank with zero issues.