How are you voting?

I would like to see how business owners are voting this year. No need to start a political battle here, I just want to get a grip on what is going on

You don’t think this will start a political debate? Really?

I didnt ask for opinions, just a vote.

Turns out, even that was asking for too much since 9 people viewed the thread and only 4 voted.

We come here to improve our businesses.

We vote to improve our business, our lifestyles, our families lives and most of all, OUR Country.

After hearing so much on the news, I wanted to take a poll to see where then country is really going. This site has many “outspoken” individuals online and turning that passion into a vote is something that should come naturally, without being asked.

The lack of voting here tells me not too many people really care who gets into office and I think that is VERY sad.

First time I viewed this post was on my iphone and the poll is not visible. There may be others who did not see the poll. I did vote this time, but I do not want to enter into a discussion on politics on a forum that my clients can easily view. I am a moderator on WCR and I like to keep my politics and religion choices from a forum that can be seen by others outside this membership. I think you will find others with a similar reservation.

Man Im not even totally sure yet…

I wish there were better choices in here but I can say this. Whether OBAMA is a nice guy or not, it’s irrelevant here. It’s what has he done and is this country doing any better then 4 yrs ago? My answer is we are worse off and he hasn’t done much outside of killing OSAMA on his watch. So to me and somewhere around half this country and hopefully a little more want OBAMA out. It doesn’t answer your question completely because I’m still evaluating the other choices. MITT is who I am leaning towards to supporting.

Debate is okay here. Anyone is free to express themselves however as long as it stays (relatively) civil.
I’m not encouraging a flame war, but letting everyone know they don’t have to walk on eggshells.

I think the poll speaks for itself…kinda funny, 10 votes for Mitt 1 not voting.

Still trying to figure out the new layout of the site and thought I would try a test post

I would like to see a Trump/Cruz ticket next fall

Hey Jim

You may be interested in our new politics subforum!

@Chris, I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate the site? At one point I found the subforum but when I tried to go back, it was gone?? I figured you were still working out the bugs.

As I respond to you now, I don’t see any indication as to what subform I’m in?

If it makes a difference, I’m using a IMac and either firefox or safari browsers

Jim - I will have a full cheat sheet user manual for the community shortly.

In the meantime, this will be of assistance to you -

I clicked the link and got

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I’m still working out a couple permission glitches Jim. I’ll post back when I have it straightened out.

This is my first post - it is a test post