Housewash for ceiling

so cobweb and nest removal. I read Housewash mix does the trick for he webs. I’ve never had much success w orb weavers webs. Either way. I plan on basically rinsing down but anyone w insight as far as using the Housewash mix on the stained wood? Don’t wanna ruin the finish. I planned on Rinsing only…should do the trick right? I always pre wet fences before housewashing. Never really had a problem with brightening.

Last time I did that it was just light wash and rinse with surfactant only. The other guys can tell you better though.

That’s a sweet building. Well from what I can see. I would pre wet the wood and use a weak housewash mix. SH destroys spiderwebs.

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Taking it easy on the SH. like 1gal/4water and DS. Smell it but more for visual soap.

I’d be taking it easy in that lounge pool chair,watching y’all