House washing in the rain?

I need to go do a pressure washing job today but it’s raining, I don’t care about being wet but will the rain (light but steady) cause the house wash to be ineffective? Are there other issues associated with house wash in the rain?

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Lightning is bad for you. Rain is good. Torrential downpours are difficult. Showers are fine.

Keep at it.

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One of the reasons why I got into Powerwashing yrs ago besides being able to do a flexible scheduling, if it rained where Landscapers for example lost a day I still went out. Where Rain is their loss-- in Powerwashing Rain is your gain. Cloudy overcast and light to moderate rain is the best.

Any reason for that John? Are there any benefits to it? I hate working in rain btw.


I actually didn’t go today because it was alternating between light rain, heavy downfalls, and then no rain - too unpredictable.

Lite rain is ok with me. Helps keeping the vegetation wet.

A few reasons why I always like an overcast type day with some rain. The main reason is we keep things wet when we powerwash and an overcast type day helps with that and also keeps our cleaning solutions from drying to fast. The other main reason is we rinse everything and rain is a blessing with that.
Nothing like going out in a sunbaked kind of day and not only are you melting and getting cooked but the sun is glaring right down into the area your cleaning and the area is drying up almost as fast as your cleaning…

Our line to our customers when it comes to Powerwashing and they want to book… We give them a date and always tell them “Rain or shine” we’ll be there.

Thanks John.