House washing. Different pricing methods?

Hey guys. Been thinking about how I estimate house washing. I normally just have a look at the home and give a guess as to how long it will take, then give a price depending on that and difficulty factors.

I would like to have a consistent method of doing this. SqFt seems like the most accurate way but measuring the house would take a while.
How do you give consistent pricing for your house washing?

I use basic rates for types of houses… 1 & 2 story vinyl, 1&2 story brick… if larger than averaged sized house price goes up.

Basic prices most of time, anything thing that adds time will add to price.

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Standard rates somewhat, but they change weekly and monthly depending on how busy we are or how far away the job is. Google street view everything,if not on google streetview then their is a really good chance you can find pictures of the house on zillow or trulia. I would never go to the house and measure by sq ft, once you add in the time it took you to drive their and do it myswell add an extra labor hour onto the job.

Same. Supply and demand pricing is real. During the height of season when we’re booked solid the prices can go up 20%.

Existing customers, meaning they have already paid us once, get the same rates if it’s the same project locked in for 10 years.


Now if your intention is to go in person to be a salesmen then that is an angle some take. If your main goal is to create a relationship with the customer and to up sell the them on a roof cleaning, gutters, windows or whatever it may be then it could be worth it to go in person. I’m leaning towards doing this myself once I hire once more person in April.

I count walls, 30 dollars each section, so a 1500 sq ft house comes out to like 120, but I like what Patriot posted, I might give this a try:

So I might set prices for sq ft ranges, then just look up the house online.

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