House wash vinyl with no house wrap

I wanted to reach out before I got myself into potential trouble. The resident notified me that there is no house wrap under her vinyl siding. What precautions should I take in this situation? Can I still use SH? Can I still spray from the ground? Any advice would help unless I just need to walk.

Thanks everyone!

You’ll be fine. Just lightly mist because you might get more leakers.

How did that conversation even come up?

We were just talking and she just mentioned it.

Yeah, red flag for me that the homeowner is letting you know about that. Like saying, “wash my car but it rusts easily”.

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So is the general consensus though on the side of @marinegrunt or not… I figure if I’m not shooting hard right up under the vinyl panels it should be fine…

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Yeah, unless you really suck at technique, there’s no reason you should be getting enough water behind the siding to cause any sort of damage to the sheathing. I don’t even see why an absence of housewrap would cause additional leakers, except maybe for the fact that more dirt has been able to accumulate behind the siding due to a lack of an air barrier.

But I would be a bit nervous that the customer may try to blame me for pre-existing damage. I would add a pre-existing damage waiver to your customer agreement if possible.

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Make sure you spray in direction of the overlap on the siding.

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