House wash mix ratio

Were using 3 gal SH, 2 gal h20 and 5 oz eliminator. It seem to be a little strong especially on darker vinyl. We have received a few call where we have had to go back a rinse again as its leaving a white chalky residue.

What do we need to do different??? Were rinsing with 8 gpm.

John Somers & Shannon Hoops
Aqua Clean Pro Pressure Washing

That’s a strong mix for house wash, especially during the warmer months.

Try 2 gallons of SH to 3 gallons of H2O (I go even a little weaker).

I don’t mind spending the extra min to soap an area a second time to clean it up.

Also, rinsing is very important.

Rinse 2 or 3 times if possible, especially windows.

I would rather spend the extra 5 min on the job to make sure everything is done correctly, then 2 hours between the drive back and extra work needed to fix mistakes.

Just my 2 cents.

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I appreciate the feedback…thank you.

John Somers & Shannon Hoops
Aqua Clean Pro Pressure Washing

Doesn’t it all depend on the final percentage of SH getting on the surface? Are you using 12.5% or 6% or what?

Jason Young, The Window Guy
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I’m guessing it’s okay to assume that he is using the good stuff.

It the good stuff…liquid gold 12.5%

John Somers & Shannon Hoops
Aqua Clean Pro Pressure Washing

I often put 2gal SH with 3gal water, will soap 1/3 the house and then fill the bucket again with water from my gun - replacing the 1-2 gallons of solution I just used with water.

Go as strong as you need to get the results you need. Also, my pattern for rinsing is: windows, gutters, soffit, windows, siding, windows.

That’s 4 cents for you! :wink:


what gpm are you applying with?

I’ll do 2 SH and 3 h2o in the summer and in the winter I do 3 SH and 2 h20… Keep it up John :0)

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Why do you use a stronger mix in winter ?

BC its Colder

Hey yall, been using 6% bleach on house and deck cleaning, have been hearing alot about 12.5%. Right now I use 1 gallon 6% and 40 0z of house wash solution, 5 oz of roof snot in 5 gallon barrel and X-jet. How much 12.5% should I use instead of 6%. Is the house wash (monster) solution necessary?
Todd Hardin
Roanoke Pressure Pros LLC

We have crazy mold here, or they are just very neglected houses! I use 4 gallons sh/1 gallon H20… But then I turn the chemical ball valve to 3/4 open on my DSI