House fire & paint prep

I’m thinking to use a degreaser on the soot with some agitation to prep the vinyl and brick for paint. I’ll probably just charge an extra $150 in addition to my normal rates. Any suggestions on particular chemicals, process or pricing?

I put a shout out to my chem guy to see what he thinks, he has several degreaser types. Personally I use hcs 400 degreaser @1:1 it will melt dull paint. I use it to melt fifth wheel grease and clean diesel motors. At 20% it works on removing soot/ smoke off exaust stacks very well. And at 15 % it’s a safe bug remover. Super hot stuff

Just use your EBC about 50-50


Lol. Take his advice, I wash stuff that rolls on rubber. Truck degreaser might be to strong for yall

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If you don’t mind me asking, how much is a drum of EBC,I’ve seen it as high as $600

50/50 with agitation/scrub? Or application and rinse?

@Hotshot Two stepping that the way y’all clean big rigs is how I do it!! And if the vinyl melts on the brick we use one of these with a 25 degree tip. If it’s a insurance job good way to get ur foot in the door. We do alot of burn jobs. And if something inside we soda blast it.

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I’ve seen something similar to that ,they use it to wet sand blast. I’m thinking of getting one ,there’s a decent market for it around my area. Neat set up @Coolunderpressure

Just did one about a month ago. Guy put his golf cart on charge under his carport caught on :fire: bottom was brick with vinyl above it. Get most of them in the winter time pays good!! Some complete burns just two step and sand blast the brick. Thanks

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I haven’t had anything that bad, but I’ve had really good luck with F9 Double Eagle. I’ve tried EBC several times with no luck but the F9 has always worked well.

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purple stuff will work

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Depends, have to try it and see

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@Harold how did this turn out?

He may not remember -

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Lol someone asked me about soot and smoke removal and I saw this thread.

Saw your recommendation for 50/50 EBC.