Hot vs cold prices

Want to get an idea of hot vs cold prices when surface cleaning.

I don’t understand the question.

Ok it’s like this. What is the cost difference between hot and cold surface cleaning per square ft… I charge around $1.50 for cold and I was wondering how much should I raise the price by if I am doing hot.

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O I gotcha. I’ve never charged like that I only charge to get whatever I’m cleaning cleaned. If hot water gets it done faster I use hot water.

If I was to charge differently I would add double what it costs to run the burner per job.

That’s kind of like pricing house washes using 4gpm and then charging more to use 8gpm.

I would not price like that. Just price to complete the cleaning. The customer does not know if u need cold or hot water unless you mention it. I would charge the same and hopefully u can use cold. If u are looking for an hourly price on diesel fuel it depends on your engine size but maybe between $3 to $5 an hour.

Well I had to mention hot because my competition does not have. Needed to set myself apart from the rest. The convention charge was .30 US which is $2.50TT. Normally I would do cold for half that. Here I can’t charge by the hour, don’t see it worth it. I do jobs!

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Don’t increase the price for hot water, if its needed use it and you will complete the job 2x faster.
2x Faster = more jobs = more money

You can advertise that you use hot water and sell the point it cleans better(it doesn’t always) but if it gives you a leg up on your competition then go for it. In Commercial work hot will clean faster especially when dealing with gum so since you clean faster like one of the guys posted in here you’ll make more money per hour that more then pays for the diesel and the cost to run your burner…

So with that said you can Market your Hot water use.