Hot Link conversion?

Why does it seem that everyone turns their Hotlink into a 115v from a 12v?
Is there an advantage…I would think having to run a generator as well as a pressure washer would just be more headaches…more fuel more maintence and one more item to break…I looked and searched for an answer but couldn’t find one? Thanks in advance

12v systems are fickle, always problems with the charging system being up with it. You want notice any fuel costs running a generator head off of your pressure washer engine.

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I knew there had to be a reason…the 12v version just seemed like the mobile way to go…do you know is the charging issue just keeping the battery charged in between use or does it use to much power and discharge during daily use?

The rectifier on a Honda is barely adequate to keep it charged, much less handsome the lower of an igniter. Most small engines are the same way.

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@Innocentbystander Is there a way to rectify this problem? I am looking at hot boxes right now and like the 12v simply for space considerations. I would like to not have to include a generator on my trailer if at all possible. Not worried about extra fuel cost or maintenance, just like not having to use up extra space on my already crowded trailer.

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Some have good luck with them. A marine starting battery on a float charge at night and you should be ok. Don’t use the little lawn mower battery that comes with most machines.

My hydrotek is 12 volt. I periodically put the charger on it to help maintain the battery

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Got it, so I’ll be sure and use a bigger deep cycle battery but you think it will be ok then?

@Kps0410 I wonder if there is any difference with yours being a complete unit and not just the box? I was really wanting to go with 12v, but don’t want to have issues either.

Marine starter battery, not trolling motor battery and you’ll be ok.


I don’t see where it’d make a difference. It depends more on the amperage of your charging system. My cold water unit was built with connecting a hot box in mind. If you have an 8 gpm look at the Largo 8-10 gpm heater. Everyone I’ve talked to said the pressurepro and hydroteks are okay on lower gpm machines but not so much on 8 gpm and higher. When I first thought about going the route you’re going several people recommended largo. But said to go with 8-10 not the 6-8.

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Resident grump is correct. 12 volt systems are fickle if they don’t get a full 12 volts. Get a good size battery and plan on charging it after heavy use days. The standard charging system is not capable of maintaining a good charge on the battery due to the additional drain on the battery from the burner. A good hot water washer with 12 volt burner system will typically have an engine with a higher amp charging system to offset the additional draw on the battery from the 12 volt burner.

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yes, complete 12 volt systems will have an engine with a higher amp charging system on them.

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Brian, so your saying the charging system on the box isn’t adequate to keep up with the drain on the battery?? So using a bigger battery and maybe some type of additional charging source would allow it to keep up? I’ve been talking to a buddy about it and he mentioned adding an additional charging system through the truck. I have a 12v 20amp plug in the bed of my truck and he said he could add something through it. Would that work?

Don’t mess with your truck battery. Just plug in a float charger at night.

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Couldn’t you mount a simple 1 wire alternator? I’ve thought about this a few times. A drag racing buddy of mine has a neat lil setup on an old PW cart with an alternator belted to a predator 212. Has a big pulley on the engine and a small on on the alternator, makes 90 amps very simply. For those who don’t know, fast drag cars don’t usually have alternators, the just charge batteries or swap them between rounds. Seems this could solve a common problem with 12v softwash setups also.

If you have room for another pulley you have room for a generator head :wink: