Hot Foaming Softwash system - Does heat work well with SH?

Hello! I like the idea of using less chemicals, less overspray and let it sit longer…
Heat I know if super effective in many ways to clean better…

But does this work well with SH? Does it increase or decrease the cleaning power?

Ive seen over the time that perhaps @CaCO3Girl is one of the best to answer this?

This is quoted on their website:
Applying treatments as a foam has multiple benefits, as it gives a longer contact dwell time on a surface. The air infused mix of chemical and water, promotes activation and allows the chemical to work to it’s optimum performance. Chemical activation is further amplified when mixed with hot pure water up to to 60°C from a Thermopure™ system.

A chemical mixed with air and heat is super charged and becomes even more powerful and vigorous, meaning a reduction in the amount of chemical used per application to achieve the desired result. When the chemical is applied as a foam it significantly reduces water usage and the risk of over-spray and run off.

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

I might want to build a similar solution myself if this works well…

Thats about the same gpms I used to wash my dog…

And I wont even comment on the telescoping pole and brushing the wall…


But what if better gpm and of course, this with brushing the wall after is a pain…

I really dont know if this is valid in our kind of usage, but if you look at this study:
Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 12.58.55

That seems much much more effective using heated liquid than rather then cold…

1% SH is stronger at 45C than 5.25% SH at 20C… Interesting…
I have a unused 12kw diesel liquid heater that might come in handy with this…

This is why washing in colder weather is less effective.

So yes, SH does work better in warmer temperatures.

I know a couple guys who use their hot water machines to downstream their housewash.

I sold all my hot water machines years ago.

If you think heating up SH is going to make you more money, go for it.

But I bet you will end it quicker then you started it.

I worked on something like this, and yes the foam clinging power is a real thing and yes heating SH helps it work better. Does it work sooo much better that it’s worth investing the money in a machine? I don’t think so. I found this most effective in a poultry plant type environment not cleaning a house.

Walk away

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I created a discussion about this and I thought the answer was that heat destroys sh? At what temp is the max you would want to heat it to?

Without Googling it, I think I saw an overview about storage of SH, that high temperature degrades the SH much quicker when stored in a warm room compared to cold.

But seems to be that perhaps heating it, or heating the water with downstream could be quite beneficial, but how much better it is as @CaCO3Girl mentions, that I dont know.

Great, thank you for your feedback. I would not buy equipment like this…
But for a 12v pump system, I already have a diesel liquid heater meant to be for window cleaning, so I might want to test it out… Just curious on what people know about these matters…

Thank you for your valuable input, I might give it a go to test out :sweat_smile:
Both with hotbox&downstream and another 12v system&diesel liquid heater…

I keep my heat set at 125 or less. In those test results for the dental stuff, they were using around 120. It’s only heated for 30 seconds or so before it leaves gun, by time it hits house it’s probably 110. I can use about a 20% weaker mix, but then too you’re burning diesel so not a lot of cost savings.

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Long term heat will destroy SH, but short term heating…as in run it through a super heated unit can boost the cleaning power.

It’s like baking a cake, it’s raw, then it’s good, then it’s burnt to crap.

The unit I tested only went to 120F.

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I know that I cringe every time I drive by a gas station. Don’t be that guy who spends $150 on trying to make the perfect garden to get out $10 worth of tomatoes :wink:

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