Hot box lid

Just got a new hot box and I was surprised it didn’t come with a lid. Im sure its easy enough to make one, just curious if anyone already does. Or if it’s even neccessary. Seems like it would be A good idea not to let rain get into it. Its a new concept to me and I didn’t see much about it on the few hot box threads already made.

For now we are going gheto!

You could put a furnace or wood burner vent cap on it. You’d then be able to leave it on at all time. There are a bunch of different styles. This one is probably the most basic. An elbow off of some big exhaust pipe would work too.

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I saw someone on here use a pie pan, so I stole one from my wife. I will be welding it on sometime this week :smile:

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8" stove pipe for us with three 1/4 self tapping screws ,works well $15. Get the 90 that swivels so you can deflect the heat where you want it, also won’t get anything caught it there while driving down the road. Either route you take its a really good idea to cap it. Rain and debris will eventually wreak havoc on your vertical burner.

Hotsy want $100 for there caps :smirk:


Ugly but better than a bucket!


This is the best I’ve seen


Truer words haven’t been posted all day. :+1:

That’s a big call :face_with_hand_over_mouth::hugs: