Hot box compatibility

I’m going to be buying a hot box soon. I’m tired of dishing out $150 every time I need one. My current machine is 5gpm so it needs to be compatible with this. My question is can I oversize the hot box to be compatible with a 8gpm machine that I didn’t get yet? I want to have room to upgrade to a higher gpm down the line. Also, what are the pros and cons of 12v vs 115?

Looking at this one

Look at largo hotboxes at powerwash store. You would probably need to go with the one that’s set up for 8-10 gpm instead of 6-8. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them as far as heating. I like the Nashville store. Shawn seems to be a good guy. Thad eckoff recommended him.

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I have that exact hoy box for sale right now if youre interested. Its brand new, never been used except when they tested it where I bought it from. $1700 if youre interested. I’m in San Diego, CA. Ill ship it to you if you pay freight.

I will let you know when I figure things out. I’m still in the researching phase. If I do go with this one I’ll price the shipping and see whats what. I’m not quite sure everything I need. If I’m understanding correctly I’ll need a generator to add this to my current machine? I’m not finding very much reading material to reference on here or google.

You will need a generator with the 115v, not sure about the 12 volt system. I haven’t been able to find a lot of info on them either. I’m looking at adding one myself and found a Hydrotek hotlink that I’ve been looking at. But I will go ahead and tell you, shipping from CA will eat you up! Just FYI. I’ve checked it and its not pretty. Haha

So the 12v would need a separate battery, and also a charging source such as a truck alternator. The 115v would need a generator or plug into outlet if available. I’m trying to figure out how I can add the on board generator to my current setup. Similar to how they come skid mounted. Info on this process is scarce. I’m so used to all the info being at my finger tips lol. Now I actually have to figure out and learn from scratch and trial and error. Hopefully it doesn’t involve any expensive mistakes.

Sounds good. A 12 v runs off a battery charged by your machine just so you know.


Me personally I’d rather add a generator to the mix than deal with having to keep a battery charged. Plus you can use it for other things.

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Thanks. If my machine is not equipped to charge a battery is there something I can buy to enable it to do so?

I’m leaning more towards this atm. Is there a certain minimum or recommend spec that I should go for when looking for a generator?

When I was looking into it I was leaning towards the 7500E Generac at Home Depot. It’s about twice the wattage that’s needed but it’s electric start and plenty of wattage left over for other uses. I think the heater will require about 3500 watts

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It can be converted. Is your machine compatable with hot water? Call powerwashstore or pressuretek or some vendor. They can answer all your questions 100%.

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Whats you guys thoughts on this? Good deal I’m thinking.

Why dont you want it anymore?

I bought it when I landed a big contract with a property management company. They mislead me as to how much work they had and most of it needs to dome in the middle of the night. I have 2 machines…1 hot and 1 cold. I planned to have 2 hot machines for flat work but I since decided I’m better off not working with them amd really domt need a 2nd hot machine. I was having trouble finding reliable employees to work odd hours like that and I was doing my self, it was throwing off my day time schedule. I have enough work during regular business hours to keep myself busy and its just not something I want to do any more. I’m not really actively trying to sell it but it’s just sitting there depreciating so I’d rather have the cash.

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Its only about 6 months old

I’m somewhat interested. If I’m going to pay $300 for shipping, we might just come out there, take a much needed vaca, and UHaul it home…

Will you be at the Huge Convo?

Being in Cali, do you have any need for reclaim equipment?

Unfortunately I’m too busy this time of year for the convention. Hopefully I’ll have some more help next year and I can make it.

This is a great time to visit SD. We’re having some seriously hot weather right now. Ocean temp was 80° yesterday. Warmest its been my whole life. I actually heard on the radio yesterday that we might get hurricanes coming up from Baja because the water is so warm… If that happens when you visit don’t blame it on me. It’ll be a first. :grinning: Just let me know.

And yes, we have a serious need for reclaim here. The epa is no joke. I have a small reclaim system but I’m realizing that its not really the direction I want to go in. Most of large flat work around here is controlled by property management companies who arent really willing to pay what I want especially for all the effort involved in reclaiming. When I need to reclaim large quantities of water I rent a system from my local landa dealer.