Thad, or one of you other experts, what is the best hose for roof cleaning? Can I use air house or does it have to be special chemical hose? I’ve read bleach eats stainless steel, so my depot air hose I use for wfp are out of the question. Also, fittings, do they just have to be brass?i know 0 an am learning before I buy. Pump too… Sure flow 4gpm? I just a 2.1 to pump pure water from my van and It works great, like $80. Help is appreciated, thanks

The SH will eventually eat everything including brass, stainless, alum, etc…

And kiss whatever buggy you are going to use goodbye as it will be corroding and rusting out in no time. My on Ranger is shot from spills in the back of it, to hose leaks, to overspray on the glass…sheesh!