Hoses for 12v pump

Can I use any polybraid hose on my fat boy pump or is there a difference from the clear polybraid at pressuretek? Thanks

You will not be happy with polybraid. Kurituck, or even garden hose would be better

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Can you elaborate a little please innocent?

Is it the stiffness and flexibility in the polybraid? Would stretching it out and letting sit in the sun for a day or two not help?

For one day. First day it get’s chilly, be back where you started. Just get the Kuri-tech and be done with it. Probably won’t be more than $150 difference and you’ll be glad you did.

It’s this it?

Thanks for the suggestions guys but I’m still looking for an answer. Why is pressureteks polybraid hose better than the polybraid hoses sold in stores

They aren’t saying that Pressure Teks polybraid is better, they are saying that Kuritec is better than polybraid, no matter if it’s from Pressure Tek or somewhere else.

How about flexzilla is Kuri-tec better than it ?

Flexzilla is generally only used for water supply lines in this industry. I know they make a 1/2" air hose, but i dont think i can recall anyone using it for a chemical line… i would assume it’s because it wont hold up to the chemicals as well as the polybraid or kuritech.

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Pressure rating on garden hose probably not enough if you ever went with something besides 12v. For hose see here. This is what I use except I have the 300’ roll. It’s like $70 more.


Hey racer thanks for that link, that one looks nice. I think I may pull the trigger on that one

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I know this is a old post, but I have been searching to see if any has tired using that flexzilla in replace of others, I found a store here local for $80 I could get 200’ just curious if anyone has or knows someone that has and what the results were.

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What is it constructed with? What are the specs on it?

@dperez That’s really all I could find

I looked as well. I’d pass on it. You’re looking for a bulk length of AG hose with a PVC tube, nylon braid but not a really high psi hose as it will be stiffer, maybe a ribbed cover to slide easily through grass and something that won’t kink. My vote would be Spiralite 320

It was just a thought on the flexzilla…just curious about it didn’t know if anyone has ever tired it or maybe tested it out

Thanks for input on it though