Hose reels for supply line

ok so I feel silly for having to ask this but my research skills aren’t finding me the answer I’m looking for. when ordering hose reels for my fill hose coming from the house to my tank, does it matter what psi the hose reel is since it will usually just be going to my buffer tank? or do i need a hose reel that has and equivalent psi to my machine? I have a 4000 psi 4 gpm belt driven washer and I don’t want to unknowingly buy/use something that might damage the pump.

thanks y’all

We use a heavy duty metal garden hose real mounted on our trailer and it works awesome and has held up great. I think we paid $50 for it.

And no, your supply hose reel doesn’t need to handle that kind of pressure by any means.

right on man, thanks. logic told me this was the case… BUT I figured I’d be better off making sure before I wasted money and blew out a hose reel before I even got started.

Water hoses are like 60 PSI.

The only thing I’d think about was the inlet size to allow maximum water flow. 3/4"