Hose reel setup

So I ordered a hose reel from Amazon as well as 100 ft of pressure hose. I used multiple pipe connections I got from Home Depot to set it up, and it is leaking water everywhere I’m assuming because the connections are not rated for high pressure. Is there anyway I can seal the connections so that it will work?

Depends on the reel but yes if you are running pressure through a hose reel made for a supply line leaks are the least-bad thing that will happen. :rofl: Eventually, you will want to move up to a reel with a frame, but no shame in starting with something like this from Northern Tool: https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200680698_200680698

That is very similar to what I have except I had to buy a whip line since mine didn’t come with one. https://www.amazon.com/General-Pump-D30002-Mounting-Bracket/dp/B08L22VLZ2.

Does this look to be setup properly?
I took the first picture before I connected the whip line from where the gun goes on the pressure washer to the bottom connection on the reel.

Whole lotta restrictions with all those 90°s. Just loop the hose out a bit and back into the swivel straight in. Like so:


Ahh - okay then you’re not in bad shape. I think all you’re missing is some teflon tape on the threads which should stop the leaks. Also @Infinity is spot on - ditch the 90s when you can.

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Even though they are just normal pipe fittings you think Teflon tape would work?

Yes sir. Later down the line if you start building a softwash system that flows chemicals you might consider replacing the teflon tape with blue pipe dope… but like most things everyone has opinions on what to use where lol.

For this I would keep it simple and use teflon tape.

Look up PTFE on a chemical compatibility chart. It is super resistant to the chems we typically use.

I think the blue pipe dope has other beneficial features, though.

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Everyone has a different method. My tried-and-true, never had a leak method is 3-5 wraps of Teflon tape on every male fitting with blue dope on top. It’s really hard to get NPT fittings tight enough to be leak-free without some kind of tape or dope. And if you do, they’re just a foot pound or so away from buckling the male or cracking the female


Any try the gorilla hose reel yet

I have a couple buddies who are plumbers who do it similar. They first apply dope, then tape, then a little more dope.

You always hear the argument about whether teflon/dope help seal the fitting or just lubricate the threads in order to get them tighter. I’ve asked old timer steam/pipe fitters when I’m working maintenance outages at power plants and most seem to say it does help to seal too. Not all say it tho. I know I’ve had leaks and added more tape and it has taken care of it. Another reason that makes it seem like it can is the dope has pressure ratings. What’s the point of having a pressure rating if it’s just a lubricant? I’m always trying to find a definite answer but so many have different opinions. :man_shrugging: What are your thoughts?

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TBH I’m not sure there is any definite answer, more just preferences.

Funny story, I know a guy who had a day-1 apprentice plumber riding with him. That first day, he taught the kid to cut the Teflon tape with a pair of scissors, lining up the cut to get it perfectly square. Had a special set of “tape scissors” and everything.

Kid kept doing it that way for months, I’m sure he thought it was the “best way” until he tried something better. Still makes me smile to this day


That’s great! There’s so much fun hazing in the trades. That kid is probably still getting crap over that to this day…lol

Oh man, so much hazing. I like the harmless stuff, not the mean ones. One of my favorites is writing “Left” on the pipe wrenches so you can ask for a right-handed one

Nervously checks harbor freight flyer to see if the tape scissors are on sale

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@MagicMan @Jake_Lambert

The Teflon tape worked!! Thank you guys for your help


I am not a plumber, but I follow a simple rule: If there is a gasket (like in a garden hose connection) no tape is needed. Threads but no gasket? Use plumbers tape.

Regular white tape is fine for water only applications, get the yellow thicker tape for any connection that will come in contact with bleach.