Hose reel hose input

Looking for some input from some of the veterans out there. Finally got myself a hose reel (200’). Was doing some tinkering and as soon as press trigger the hose gets all unwound (running a 4.5 gpm with a trapped unloader). I have read its recomended to unwind everything but my question is how do you guys do if your job requires only let say 100 feet? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

Only pull off what you need. Make sure hose is tight on the drum. Lock reel. Spray water. Don’t get a cheap reel though or it will birds nest or crush the drum.

Agreed. Adjust the tensioner or set the locking pin. What type of reel is it?

My Titan reel has a stupid flimsy lock that bends easily. Probably want to go Hannay as I’m assuming their locks are better.

I do have to clamp the hose to the flange regardless.

Lately I’ve been using two sections of 100’ so if I have just a quick sidewalk or something I’ll take off the first 100 and use the last section.


For all those asking this is the hose reel i got. It was based on an idea i had but it didnt work out in real life as it did on paper lol

This is what the actual set up looks like

For about $70 more you could have gotten the best reel out there. Is it too late to return it?


My Hannay reel locks all broke the first few days. I probably should have taken the time to explain them to the new guy. But i find them flimsy as well regardless. The reels themselves are solid. Not the brakes/locks. And i have to clamp the hoses on the sides like you with my Hannay reels too. :joy:

How did they break. They are harden steel held in place with two grade 8 bolts. They are stronger than the drum itself.

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Hmmm mine are plastic.
Maybe i can find some metal ones that will fit?

That’s the tension brake. Don’t you have a lock on yours? If not I’ll send you one.

I’ll look up the diagram of it online to see what it looks like. I thought the brake was the lock.

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No, never seen that before. I guess i’m the new guy too. I’ll order 4 this coming week.

Only pull of what you need for pressure hose? I thought this was bad for the hose???

Taking hose to bars, go go dancers, adult book stores. That’s probably bad for the hose. Leaving it on the reel, not so much.

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I have always been under the assumption that you charge the hose the first time completely unwound and then roll up while under pressure so that you never have any surprises that break anything. Ive never run into a situation where it mattered. as long as the reel was locked it never got all crazy on me

How much do you charge it? Has it paid you yet?


Don’t run bleach n or chems through this reel, it won’t last. Mine went after 1 season. @Innocentbystander saved my butt by sending me the internals because Hannay wouldn’t. I had cheap reels with steel internals last 6 years, not Hannay.

Bleach through anything non-stainless wont last - hence why i have stainless internals on my reel. I don’t know why hannay wouldn’t send you them. I called their parts counter and got the stuff sent to me no problem.