Hose Reel Help!

Need some help. Bought new hose reels and can’t figure out how to get my machine hooked up to the reel. The fittings don’t match up. Do I just get an adapter? I have a 400 unit apartment complex to do tomorrow and can’t figure it out. Also, do I get a separate reel for the electric cord? Thanks in advance!




If you ever figure it out, just pick up one more of those bad boys and use the other reel too. DUAL FORCE - UNSTOPPABLE. lol

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Wow, it looks like you’re in pickle for sure. I noticed you had the red tip in that powerhouse of a machine. Good call.


How many gpm’s on that machine?

1.3 GPM but i’m gunna hook two of 'em together.


Good deal…might want to connect them with a “block and tackle”…kind of a force multiplier.

And, if I were you, I would start at day break…just to insure that you are done by dark.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but it doesn’t look like you have the right equipment to do a 400 unit apartment complex. What are you cleaning? Brick, vinyl , hardy, stone? How many stories? How are you going to apply your bleach? How high can you reach ? Since you posed this in May, this is probably too late to help. I hope everything worked out for you.
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It was a joke. Not sure if you’re serious, or just playing along… :thinking:

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