Hose Reel bolt width

Looking for the width on the bolt patterns for Titan and Cox challenger reels. I am having my trailer welded and am going to mount the hose reels on 2" angle and I need to know how far apart to space the angle. I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t find how far apart the holes are. Thanks for the help.

Here’s what I’m trying to do

I need the dimensions for the COMPETITOR not the Challenger.

Why don’t you just measure it?

Cause I don’t have them yet…or I do own some, just with whomever stole my trailer lol I haven’t ordered new ones yet but he is welding up the trailer tomorrow so I needs me the dimensions ASAP.

Cart before the horse.

You’re lucky. In another week this thing would have been bolted down to my trailer

Perfect! Is that the 12" spool? I
Think the model number is 1125-4-200?

Actually, the cart was supposed to be on a several week build but had an offer on a new one ready to go that I couldn’t pass up on so I got it first:) I already have a 300 leg tank and another machine and a hot box to go on it :slight_smile: Hose reels are next but want the rails installed before painting…I got this!! Lol

yep just checked it. 125-4-200