Hose management idea

With all my stuff on the truck I now only have room for 1 hose reel. I bought an 18” titan electric rewind For the pressure hose and I have an idea. I’m hoping that since I only carry a single 200’ 3/8” pressure hose that maybe I could find an adapter to attach a 100’ by 5/8” flexzilla supply hose to it and keep both on the same reel. I would unroll the flexzilla first take it and attach to my buffer tank then unroll the pressure hose next. Has anyone done this? Is it possible?

Stack the reels, same floor space as one, put the pw on bottom, water supply on top.


The one is going to hang off the side of my pressure washer skid, it barely fits as it is. Just ordered the flexzilla pro and a swivel end adapter. Will add cam locks to the spigot side to that. Instead of getting the swivel model I got regular since the ends are smaller and will bend nicer to the other hose (assuming I can rig something up to connect the two.


Possible? Yeah, sure, anything is possible.

Pain in the rear? You bet.

Male end of gh >> female gh x male camlock >> female camlock x 1/2” fpt >> 1/2” x 3/8” bushing >> 3/8” mpt x 3/8” qc socket >> male plug at end of pressure hose

This section would be an adapter part that would be removed and left on the rig when not in use:

@dperez solution would also work, though it would choke the flow of the garden hose a bit more.

I use those but Parker brand

What about something like this? Screw on female garden hose side with a simple 3/8” male plug into my female socket qc onto end of pressure hose? Except in the pic above the threads would be female not male…

They are series 1163’s



Do what? It’s just to take up his garden hose. There would be no flow. Am I confused?

Maybe I’m missing something. But wouldn’t he have to disconnect this threaded fitting before connecting the hose to his buffer tank each time?

Or, if he left the assembly intact, he would have a 3/8” qc plug on his buffer tank

Yes, blink and you’ll miss it

I’m out you guys have fun lol

Well, I’m lost :joy:

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Let me clarify. I have room for only 1 hose reel. It is big so can hold both pressure hose and supply hose. What I want to do is screw an adapter to the garden hose that will lock into pressure hose female quick connect so I can roll up both on the same reel. I would take the adapter off and use both hoses regularly.

The pressure hose is permanently mounted to the reel. After it is rolled up attach the flexzilla garden hose to it for storage via the mentioned adapter. Need to find that adapter that has female garden hose thread on one side and 3/8” male quick connect plug on other side. Anyone know where to buy an adapter like that? Just one piece…

Yeah that doesn’t exist lol here you go but your hose should be leading with a nipple and not a socket.


One end is a hydraulic fitting and one end is a GH fitting why on Earth would they be combined in one fitting?

You won’t find that anywhere. But you can piece one together like @dperez or I have shown.


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