Hose length

How much hose should I start with on my reel? Both supply and pressure washer hose? Don’t want to go under and don’t want to get carried away?

I have 50m (165’) of double braided pressure hose and 30m (100’) of supply hose.

I cut some off the high pressure hose as it was too long. For me, it’s the right length to do house washing all around and driveways.

This all depends on what you intend on doing of course.

I run with 150’ of high pressure with 2-50’ back-ups in the trailer. I also go with 100’ supply hose as well.

I know there’s lots of opinions on this, but the BEST thing I did was to get rid of my trapped pressure unloader and swap it for a K1 flow sensitive unloader.

No more fighting with the hard/stiff hose under pressure, no kinks/twists and my Mosmatic swivel works even better!

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Is it 150’ one single hose? Or a 50+100? And where did you buy it if it’s a 150?

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Single wire. I’d never buy that stuff again, unless you plan to replace your hose every 8 weeks…

All the hose/supplies you need are available on the store that is attached to this forum. Click the top left or the link I just sent. Lots of options and sizes.

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I have 200’ on the reel then 2 100’ sections on another reel. I couldnt imagine running less then 200’. I’m about to order some some new electric titans and I’m trying to decide if I should only go 300’.

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I agree with Rusty in not running less than 200’. I also have 200’ on my reel but I do have two more 50’ sections rolled up in 5 gallon buckets just in case and I have had to use them too.

If you figure a house in town is 50’ off the road you’re going to need another 50’ just to reach the backyard and another 50’-75’ to wash the back of the house. That’s almost 200’ right there.


200-250 on reel for pw, plus carry 400’ total - 200’ of water hose, could probably get by with 150 water most the time. But lots can get pretty big here, so way over 100’ to water often.