Hose for roof Washing?

Where and what type of hose is the best for this type of application? Where do you purchase this hose?


I read 5/8 hose is better but Pressure tek doesn’t offer this hose. I was also looking for at least 300 to 400 ft of hose and PT only offers 200 ft

My system came with 1/2" from lressure tek and works just fine but maybe your pump has more volume than mine.
Buy two 200 feet sections and couple together. Better that way anyways in case you spring a leak IMO.

I still have the 200’ of 1/2" that I got from pressuretek over a year ago. Does exactly what it needs to do.

I’ve been considering upgrading to 5/8 and Goodyear Flex Tech RT has a really good reputation. Plus, it’s much less expensive than Kuritec. You may want to consider it as an option, or at least research it a bit.