Hose end swivel and fixed

Pressure hose, fixed end goes on reel?
That leaves a swivel on the hose end eliminating the need for an inline swivel for ball valve or other accessories? Do I have this right?
Or is a swivel needed on each end so you aren’t fighting the hose from either end?

Id put a valve on the end either way

You only need a swivel on the gun end of the hose if that’s what you’re asking.

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I place the junk ■■■ swivels at the reel where they belong since they do not even work under pressure and they are hella long. I then install a real ball bearing “live” swivel at my gun end. When I loose either crimped fitting it get’s repaired with a non swivel field repair fitting. The next failure it has the hose is scrapped as soon as I pull my fittings.

Didn’t know they don’t work under pressure, but, that makes sense.