Horse trailer

I kinda feel like this would make a good PW trailer…

Nope, it’s extremely heavy at over 3,000lbs…and it would look ghetto as all get out


Looks tacky when people try to repurpose horse trailers… Just plain weird

I almost got 1 for the same reason, but never got responses. I would have turned it into flatbed tho.

I like how you can stand up inside.

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You will not like putting gas in your truck

Take there advice man. It’s way to dang heavy buddy.

No worries, just curious.

Lol. That’s the equivalent of a rapey van with drapes. They make extended ceiling trailers. You can pretty much get any type, size or feature of trailer you want if you buy it through a dealer or manufacturer.

One thing you all (y’all?) aren’t realizing…this is horse country. I’d get a lot of chuckles using that.:laughing:

In the oilfield we had eleven 24’ gooseneck trailers each with two Hotsy hot water units and 1000gal tanks and one stock trailer like you posted with a single Hotsy and a 300gal tank which happened to be the unit the company was started with. For oilfield or agricultural jobs it would probably be okay but anything other than that and you’d probably find yourself on our thread of most hysterical competitors.