Hoop/fabric building Cleaning

I am quoting a 17 year old 195’ x 90’ fabric building. It feels like vinyl coated canvas. It appears to be in good condition (I haven been to the top) they want the inside and out cleaned.

Does anyone have experience with a “dura weave” hoop buildings The owner says the manual says to only us a non abrasive detergent. I am worried about age of the fabric and possible damage from the SH on the fabric.

Suggestions, Concerns?


Can’t state I’ve cleaned specifically what you are asking, but if it’s anything like a wedding venue type tent material, a HW mix did great for me. I used my gutter scrubbing brush (green bristles 270 degree) on a telescopic pole to get any stubborn areas where lichens were holding on. I did both the outside and the inside of the tent. The inside had a couple chandeliers hanging down and I had to exercise caution to not let water drip down into the any of the many, many lightbulb sockets.