Honeydo list for all!

My honeydo this week was to pour a sidewalk at the house. Yesterday about this time I thought it would be neat to stamp it. I HATE pouring concrete…

Letting it stand for another 30 before I start stamping in the patterns. :crossed_fingers:

Stamp is done!



Impressive. Did you use powdered bags of concrete or have a truck come?

I had a truck come. It was 2 yards so I wasn’t about to mix all that up! I thought about it but it was $80 more to have it delivered.

You do too much. Why didn’t you just pay a couple hundred more to have someone else do it? Lol


Well I like learning new things. And it was going to cost me $1,350 to have it done. I’ve got $550 in it.


I had had also never built a post frame building. But after I was quoted 35k I watched some YouTube videos and spent 13k building it myself :joy:


You sound like my customers lol


Thats funny

You ever sneak across the street and grab a couple ears of corn for dinner?

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Lol it’s grain corn. Would taste horrible! But the cows love it!

You ever sneak across the street and grab a couple bushels to make moonshine with?


I could be a rich man with all that corn! But I’ll probably die at 50 since the crop dusters fly right over my house.


I’d love to let my dogs chew on your leg over some vegetables

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Pulled the forms off and pressure washed it. I’m not super thrilled with the color. I already ordered an acid stain to darken it up a touch more. But I’d say for my first time stamping concrete it turned out decent!


Looks good :+1:

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Man i thought yall was exaggerating when yall say its nothing but corn up there :joy::joy::joy:

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Nope! Lol just corn and beans

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That turns out nice, excellent job!

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Helping blaire with her husbanddo list :joy: