Honda Powered Stain Rig

I get asked from time to time for pictures of my bigger stain rig so here are some pics of it from inside and out.
First picture is obviously looking at it from the inside out. What you are seeing are two 50 gal stain tanks. I keep the two most popular colors in them, one is transparent the other is semi-transparent. You’ll the two buckets in the pic at the bottom, the one on the right is full and you can see the pick up line running into it. In this case I was spraying a color other than the primary ones, so I literally mix the stain and drop the pick up line it it and go. At the top you can see the Hannay Reels, they each have 300 ft of hose on them and I carry extensions if it a really large application. I almost never park in driveways so the extra hose comes in handy at times. The top hose is from my old bleach cleaning system, that I don’t use any more.
Second picture is from the outside looking in, you will recognize the belt drive Honda connected to the GP pump. I know everyone says you have to run Honda’s etc. wide open, this GX160 runs just off idle and it’s 10 yrs old and going strong. The valves allow me to select where the stain is coming from and to do color changes, since 300 ft of hose holds about 3 gal of stain. That is the filter at the bottom of the picture. Because I use a non-film forming stain in this rig, I never have to clean it after use, I literally turn off the gas and let it run out, roll up the hose and drive off. As an example I can do 100’ of fence in about 15-20 min. depending on what’s around me, wind etc. Adding in all the things required my wife helped me with a small job 200’ yesterday with tight houses, rock walls, circling winds from pull up to drive off was a little over 2 hrs. We’re both in our early 60’s, the young guns are much faster.


Is that just a power washer pump?

Also what brand/kind of stain do you run? If you want pm me if you don’t want to put on here

Yes, it’s basically a very low pressure PW pump. I run it at 150 psi using a brass spray wand and a tee jet tip. The stain I use is in this rig is Wood Defender, water based I use a Graco. WD has two different types of stain besides transparent and semi-transparent. One is their fence stain, the other is the fence and deck 200 series. The 200 series films so you can walk on it, the fence stain never films so it never clogs things up. I use the fence stain on everything but decks, hand rails etc. It is less expensive than the deck stain, works great and puts more money back in your pocket. It is key to use a distributor because the retail on this, like every other stain is ridiculous. Their customer support it second to none.


Sheesh, that’s a heck of a staining setup. I bow down to the stainmaster…


Man, that thing is sweet.

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Lol, I haven’t mastered squat but I do like to be as efficient as possible.