Honda IGX700 - Udor GKC 30/20 vs 30/24

Hello :slight_smile:
My projects have been on pause for a while, and now I need to get it all up and running quickly.

IGX700 is rated Im pretty sure to 22hp, my original plan was to go for GP / Interpump.
But gearboxes for 1-1/8" is sold out in Europe, and will be sold out for quite a few months more. So going to import Udor set from US :slight_smile:

I assume the correct for IGX700 is Udor GKC 30/20

And not the Udor GKC 30/24? :slight_smile:

There’s no harm in going with the higher rated pump. There’s a chance the iGX700 will put out a little more than it’s rated for. And being that it’s electronically controlled fuel injection, somebody might come out with a mild tune for it next year that improves fuel efficiency and power. Technology is amazing.

Anyways, for a few bucks more, I’d definitely go with the higher rated pump.


Thanks man!

I bought the 30/24 then :sweat_smile:

Hope there will be more tips & tricks with these Honda IGX engines soon :smiley:

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Yeah, when guys start putting them in racing carts, then we’ll see some interesting stuff. There’s all kinds of aftermarket tuning parts for the older gx’s. Can’t imagine what some nerds will be able to accomplish with EFI and Variable Timing.

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My guess is they’ll accomplish bent connecting rods and holes burnt into pistons while only achieving minimal performance increases. Honda has been in performance engines since the dawn of time. I imagine they have them pretty dang close to optimum performance right out of the box. Who knows though. They may have de-rated them heavily in order to see where, or if, they fail in actual field use then go from there.

That’s why they come out with performance parts that are made to handle the added horsepower. They have kits for the 22hp Predator that can get you 40hp. That’s probably pushing it…lol. As Alex mentioned those kart guys have those small engines down pat with parts made to handle it. You can definitely gain hp over stock. Honda uses a plastic cam gear which surprises me.

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I have issues with that, why ?


You can double the power out of these things fairly easily, the challenge is keeping the heads down under power. Bored out larger diameter head bolt threads reduce block strength causing block warp and premature bearing failure they were never designed for mass power, same can be said about the plastic cam gears, the only thing that chews them out is irregular oil changes and guys bumping up the hp, at 3600rpm run within factory specs you will never have issues, not with Honda’s.