Honda IGX700 - Rectifier Voltage Regulator

This was completely new for me - the Rectifier Voltage Regulator…

If I understand correctly, its possible with this unit to take out power to charge 12v batteries?
That would be so so nice, especially since I have a hot box that needs power…

Are these Rectifier Voltage Regulator set with standard connections?

Any suggestions where to get these, and to get a powerful unit? Don’t know the limitations on these…

Im assuming that it would be connected here somehow…

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The circled connections are your fuses. Don’t try to connect anything there.

The rectifier has a plug that will match up with a dangly one on the motor. You’ll see it right away when you get it.

By default, the iGX motors charge whatever starting battery they’re connected to. And they seem to do a pretty good job of it, too.

Mine is wired to the beefy (group 28, IIRC) deep cycle marine battery that runs all my other equipment (and starts the truck; I know, I do some out of the box stuff).

I used to need to put a battery tender on it every week or two to top it off (it would get down around 50-60% in a couple weeks, using a 12v wfp pump daily, plus the electric reels). Now anytime I hook up the charger, it shows 90+% charged.

I bet @dperez knows more about this stuff.

That is my build in the video. The voltage regulator comes in 2 options, a 17 or 26 amps. I chose the 26 amp to charge my battery & maybe a future hot box. I purchased my IGX800 from North Georgia Airless. It is plug & play and they should be able to get you set up. BTW, loving my new machine, it is a beast!

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I have only ever laid eyes on Vanguards. Do we even know if he has a stator on his engine? Not all do so I’d start there.