Honda iGX 700/800 EFi

Has anyone out there got any feedback in regard to using the newer Honda iGX 700/800 EFi engines for pressure washing. We’ve only received these here in Australia about 5 months ago.

I’m thinking about getting a second pressure washer 4000psi 7gpm fitted with one of these new EFi engines.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

You tell us.


I jumped the gun when I included the iGX 800 EFi in my current setup. I am running the GX 690 and want a second PW for a backup, plus for when I have a helper on hand. This second PW I’m hoping will be the iGX 800 EFi.

Sorry for my error!

Sounds like Trump/Biden. When did lying become “misspeaking”?

Ok Mr Grumpy… You got me!

Jealous. I’m not sure if we’ll ever get those motors here in the States. :roll_eyes:

I’ve only just seen these bad boys and I’ll be asking the firm I deal with all about them and when we might see them in the UK.