Honda GX690 starting issues

I last used my engine a few days ago and actually ran the fuel tank empty. Filled it back up and went to start and when I turn the key to run I hear the initial click but the hours isn’t showing and it doesn’t turn over when I turn the key to start. I have replaced the fuse even though it didn’t appear damaged and I check the battery connection. Still nothing. Anyone have any other ideas of what can be wrong?

Try a different battery. Had an issue like this and my battery was showing that it was fine. Hooked up another battery and started right up.

If you hear a click then it isn’t the fuse behind the ignition. If you ran it dry did you maybe leave the key on since it was already off? Might just have a dead mattery


With our machines, if you get almost no action, it’s electrical (battery or a loose/broken wire connection). Check the battery level, and if that’s good try to jiggle each wire as you try to start it (usually a ground the few times I’ve seen it).

Check battery, make sure has a good charge on it be my first guess…

Appreciate it. The battery was fine. So I tried another battery and it fixed it. Crazy

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I was wondering….I’ve had that happen to me, glad it worked out.