Honda GX690 or iGX800

Heu guys. Going to order a Hydromax hot water rig. The 8gpm setup comes with either a GX690 (22.1hp) or a iGX800(24.9hp). Not really interested in the Kohler option as I’ve heard they have maintenance issues. Will the extra bit of horsepower make a significant difference? Will it allow the pump to flow more water at the same psi? Just looking for some input, as I have no experience with the iGX. Thanks.

The 800 is the future. I’m pretty sure the 690 is being discontinued. The 690 is tried and true. But the 800 is looking like the new standard.

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From what I’ve heard from the landscaping industry the igx series are a better motor in many ways than the previous generation. Both will work well, but the igx has some features that make a lot of sense for what we do.

Kohlers don’t have problems if you keep up with it, plus it’s American made so parts are easier to get vs Chinese Honda’s. (Hondas are good motors don’t get me wrong).

I have the kohler hydromax

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Those Honda 800’s are looking nice though for sure. I’ll probably get it for a backup unit

Keeping up with them had nothing to do with them having issues. They failed miserably when ethanol hit the market. I got rid of 6 of them. They haven’t worked out everything with their ECM and it still causes issues. Honda parts are much more readily accessible due to the fact they other out number kohler’s so much. I was a fan of kohler’s, just like I was Briggs. All machines have issues. Honda’s lose coils and governors, but currently the 690 is the most reliable on the market, bar none. That may change tomorrow. Or go diesel and be done with it. If I knew in 1998 that I was going to be doing this more than 5 years I would have went lister petter


Good points

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Because of the problems Kohler had with their ECM is part of the reason even now as I’m looking at another machine, I may just go with the 690 since the 800 is a new machine for Honda, I want to make sure all the kinks are out of it. Let some others get a few thousand hours on them and see if anything pops up. But they do look good on paper and the people that have them are happy but I don’t know anyone who has one with many hours on it.

Talked to Ron a few times at Hydromax. Nice guy and helpful. Having trouble pulling the trigger on a unit. I saved up enough and figure if this doesn’t work out this brand has pretty good value used?
I’m running solo and part time until summer months. I really would like to get more commercial work long term as it fits my schedule if it is doing it late at night or early mornings.
What would you guys do? I don’t have unlimited funds and would like to turn a profit, but if it makes more sense in the long run or resale value then I’m considering the IGX. Also, trying to figure out if I could run this out of the bed of a pickup. They are pretty tall and I only have 80" clearance in the garage, but it would be convenient to park at other job during the year.
DC8040HGi- 8gpm @ 4000psi, Honda iGX800 $7895
DC8040HG- 8gpm @ 4000psi- Belt Drive Gx690 $6995
DC8032HG- 8gpm @ 3200psi- Belt Drive GX630 $6350
DC6040HG- 6gpm @ 4000psi- Belt Drive GX630 $5850

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Not sure why you need hot water, but I would steer clear of hydro Max if only because they lie about specs. You can’t get 8@4k from a 690. You can’t even get 8@3500… I would take the 690 over the igx any day of the week. Much more fuel efficient and less computer components.

I’m pretty sure they’re just putting the specs from General Pump’s site. I can’t fault them for that.


A lie is a lie, no matter how many times it gets told.

Even if the specs are off by a couple hundred psi or half a gallon a minute, I still love my machine and it for sure gets the job done. Profit margin is so high compared to the equipment we use, for a solo operator at least. I’m okay with it personally.

What is the difference between the 8gpm GX690 and 8gpm GX630 at 3200psi? Does the small difference in engine size make that big a difference and does it even matter. What am I losing with that lower PSI in terms of job capability?

I have a GX630, came with a 5.5 but I upgraded to an 8gpm. I’m getting 3000 at the gun after 200’ of hose, probably 7gpm-ish.

I haven’t needed anything more than 3k to be honest, mainly do housewashes and concrete.

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About 800 psi. :joy::joy::joy:

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Neither the 690 or the 630 will produce 8@3200

What have you found they produce in the real world?

690s make about 8 at 2900/3000 at the pump. I get about 7.5gpm @2500 at the gun with 250ft of hose

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I’ll have to check my 630’s gpm, haven’t done it yet.