Honda GX630 ignition switch failure

Yesterday was one of those days where NOTHING went right and everything broke. Surface cleaner handle wouldn’t release pressure from the gun so I had to order a new gun. Water issues. Not enough hose issue. ((Yearly customer we do but forgot I needed an extra 100ft for the job, but all our extra hoses were on the trailer that was stolen)). ANYWAYS, back to the GX630, it died around 5:30pm. Nothing. Nada. Switch was DRT. Wouldn’t show a engine hour (has a built in hour meter) and switch did nothing. Battery was full. No loose wires. Took it most of the way off, but found out it was under warranty so I stopped from going further to not void the warranty. Took it to the shop and it turned out to be a blown 30amp fuse inline under the switch in the housing. WHY they hid it there, ill never know, but basically took the module off the engine, undid the plate, disconnected the choke cable, and undid the housing with one bolt on the bottom of the casing that holds the 2 plastic pieces together. THIS IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY so I thought I would pass this along if any of you have this issue to check that fuse.

i have the same motor on mine thx for the info but i only have a few hours on it. Do you know if the key switch/ throttle/ hour meter assembly is able to be mounted to another location? My skid is in a enclosed trailer up front and the engine sits facing the rear of the trailer and i would like to mount the engine controls towards the side door.

Who did you buy it from? I would ask them if they know but I think it’s doable, might need to do some reworking the wiring to reroute, but I think it’s possible but check with who you bought it from

Thanks for the heads up. How many hours on your washer?

200 hrs

Thanks for that… Hopefully this saves someone a few hours of heart ache…

I never understand why massive companies like this do such a thing.