Honda GX390 - what type of PTO shaft is needed to connect to pump/pulley?

Honda lists 7 different PTO shafts available on the GX390 (see link). I’d think I’d need a straight shaft, but this isn’t an area of expertise for me. There’s a used GX390 for sale locally that looks like it has a tapered shaft.

Any of you using a 4 gpm pump probably has one of these. Can someone confirm the full model number of their engine? I’m looking at them online and almost everything I see is a “Q” model, which is straight shaft.

The used one is only $150, but if it’s not going to work I won’t bother pursuing it.

Straight is preferred, but a tapered can use an adapter, or some ground down to make a straight shaft.

Thanks for the help. After doing some more research it looks like the one for sale was used on a generator. I guess they typically use tapered shafts. I looked up the shaft adapters, and it also needs a gas tank and some TLC. I think I’ll pass. I want an 8 gpm machine anyway, but figured if I could put together a 4 gpm machine cheap I would. Might be more trouble than it’s worth.