Honda Gx390 vs larger V twin sound levels

I have a Gx390 and a predator 420. Once you go up to the vtwin engines like the Honda 630 or Kohler twins are they much quieter? Thanks for your input.

I find my GX690 main unit and GX340 backup to be equally loud. Perhaps someone who is running both side to side can chime in, but I don’t think the difference is much either way.

Thank you sir. I was hoping it was for a noticeable difference.

I installed an 18 hp engine in our golf cart. My wife hated how loud it was. I found a smaller car muffler to put on it and it’s super quiet now. That might be something to look into. I would just install it under the trailer so your machine doesn’t look white trash…lol

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Can’t speak for the honda vtwin.

But my gx390 is louder than my 18hp vanguard v twin

If your worried about disturbing neighbours while washing, it’s a waste of time, you could have 11 mufflers there will always be that select few that complain no matter what you do.

I second that. :+1:

Just tell him to wear ear plugs! lol

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Here we go…


That’s funny Spanky

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Just because you Air Force guys are into that funny stuff doesn’t mean you’re talking me into it. You’re better off watching Broke Back Mountain with the rubber scrubbers.

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Nuff said

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