Honda GX390 Electric start kit

Has anyone converted the Honda GX390 to electric start?

Yes. Well, attempted to. I still need to modify the flywheel.

The electric start kits you see on Amazon and Ebay are all designed for the older model 390’s. They won’t fit properly in a number of ways on the newer machines.

Ive been looking at it too. Ive watched a few videos on it and it look like a PITA due to the fly wheel removal

Thanks. Does anyone you know of make one for the latest version of the GX390?

Any reason not to drill start over a conversion kit?

I would maybe even just call Honda and ask them for one. Or maybe I’d go thru the place I bought my machine. They have dealer support.

4 bolts on bottom of 390. Remove. Replace with GX690. Install 4 bolts. Turn key to start.


That is an expensive starter kit, lol.


It’s just money. You can always make more. A day or two of work will make up the difference.

Where can I learn more about using a drill start? Thanks.

Take off the pull start assembly and locate the bolt/nut that is spun by the cord assembly then find the appropriate socket to go over that nut. Alot of videos online use home made adapters to get a socket into the drill but I would recomend using the adapters for impact drivers that fit 3/8’ or 1/2’ sockets. (Example ) You can find alot of vidoe examples if you google “drill start small engine.”

Hope this helps

Thanks, Dan.
One more question: What battery voltage drill would you recommend? The Honda GX 390 is a bear to pull-start.

What ever you have around, I personally like the milwake m18 brushless drill. I supose you could use a impact wrench but I would be worried about putting that torq on that nut.

Are you starting with the hose flowing? Its a lot easier if water is flowing on an open ended hose


Hi Daniel, My problem is that my Simpson pressure washer has a bumper right in front of the of the pull starter assembly. It appears that I would have to remove the bolts that attach the engine to the frame and slide it back to get the assembly off.

So I spent 2 hours last Thursday night helping my buddy work on his de-icer sprayer. It has a Honda motor and wouldn’t run. It would turn over and backfire a lot but not run. Long story short the motor had sheared the key-way and was out of time.

I tell you this story because if you go removing the starter plate and try finagling some kind of drill start or similar you may end up shearing that key and be up poo creek.

If that Honda is that hard to start go buy a pull start predator from harbor freight… they start on the first pull lol (FYI that’s a joke for all the guys that give me a hard time)

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Thanks, Chris. It’s not that the engine is hard to start, but it’s a Honda 390 cc and is a bear to pull start. I’ve pulled muscles in right arm twice. Thanks for the info.

Make sure you released pressure in the line and use the choke…my 390 starts with about 20% pull.


I agree about shearing the key and drill starting. Good advice. Guess I’ll wait until somebody makes an electric start kit for it or sell it and buy one that has electric start. As many as Honda sells, it seems that someone would manufacture a kit for the 390.

Actually, there two reasons. 1. My Simpson 4240 washer has a bumper directly in front of the recoil assembly that would require unbolting the engine and sliding it backwards to attach a drill. 2. I have been warned by others that this method might break the flywheel key.