Honda gx270

Hey does anyone know if a Honda gx270 will draw from auxiliary tank? Or does it have to get gravity fed? I Have a air Compressor wanting to gas feed from a bigger tank …

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99% sure it needs gravity. Has No fuel pump. Don’t quote me though.

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If gravity feeding the gx270 does work, it won’t be satisfactory.

@Redjess Wait…what? Gx390 and below are gravity feed.

I believe most any with a tank on the engine is.

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Trying to find out if anyone has add a pulse fuel pump to the motor so you can feed from another tank

It’s already gravity feeding …

Ahhh, that’s not wht I meant, i meant if your thinking it will pull fluid as opposed to gravity. Sorry to freak yall out, i was tired.

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It will work gravity fed. A small tank would need to be elevated, a large tank will have enough head pressure to force feed it.

Oh, you mean fuel oops.

Now I don’t claim to be a small engine expert, nor am I a lawyer or genetic microbiologist, but my understanding is that most smaller engines are either gravity fed or have the tank where the fuel line is only inches away (weed eater for example - fuel tank on bottom but only a 4 inch line to carb). If you are wanting to have a larger fuel source for a smaller engine then you would essentially fed into existing fuel tank from another source either through gravity or use of a pump.

You think a pulse fuel pump would work? I know they make some for the gx200 on go cart motors can fine nothing on gx270

A pulse pump would work, but you trade it for a little less reliability. Its the same reason you dont see billet flywheels, rods, larger carbs, ect on these engine for “commercial” use. You can easily have a 20hp gx390 and be able to run the larger pumps with the psi to match. But, when you mod the engine, it wont last as long and may not start as reliable as when it was stock.

GX630 or GX690 :wink:

You have to drill and tap the top of the engine block for 1/4npt . The you can use a pulse fuel pump. I’ve been doing it for years.
Others will tell you that you can use the pcv vent tube that goes from the valve cover to the carb . I never had any luck with that . It always made the engine run funny.

They do sell specific valve covers for fuel pumps if you don’t feel comfortable drilling on an engine

I bought a gas cap for my Ryobi generator that allows it to be gravity fed using a primer bulb. About $30 on Amazon. They sell them for Honda generators. Probably but or make something similar


Idk about that Ryobi, but my Honda EU2000 has a fuel pump (pulse) , I honestly don’t know why, the tank is above the carb. I assume it may be to help with the eco idle when it revs from idle to full load all the sudden. On the Honda that kit works because of the pump sucking out of the factory tank, which is sealed to the boat tank, creating a vacuum to pull it into the tank.

The Ryobi doesn’t have a pump, thus the squeeze bulb. Maybe the Honda extended run cap doesn’t need the bulb

Atima Extended Run Fuel Gas Cap Fits Honda Eu2000i Eu2200i Eu2200ic EB2200i,Champion 2000watt,Westinghouse 2200watt WH2200iXLT,Rainier R2200

You might need the bulb for the little 13 horse Hondas. If you can find a gas cap that works. Or just bypass the had tank on the machine and run the line directly to the aux to tank