Honda GCV160 5.5

Hey guys…new to the site and wanted to first say thanks in advance. There is a lot of info on here and seems to be a great place.

My question, or should i say problem, is my Honda GCV 160 pressure washer.

Last summer when i started it, i would get a surge when i first pulled the trigger on the sprayer but after a minute that surge would go away and i would have constant pressure from the gun when i was pulling the trigger.

This summer i got it out and when i pull the trigger it just surges the entire time…pressure, no pressure, pressure, no pressure, etc…I did some research and found that it was more then likely the un-loader valve so i took the pump off and took the un-loader valve off and it looks brand new, but i put some white lithium grease on it anyway put the pump back on and its doing the same thing?

Any ideas as to what to check? I did read that the floater valve in the carb could need readjusted, i just wasn’t sure…is there a regulator on these engines?

Any help would be appreciated and thanks again in advance for any help/suggestions!

Sounds more like a feed problem. Make sure you are getting adequate water. Check inlet screens, make sure your feed hose isn’t kinked. If you are having pressure surges and then no pressure it has something to do with the pump not the engine.

Oh yeah, a surge when you first pull the trigger is normal, if you are using a trapped pressure unloader.

Maybe i wasn’t very clear and actually explained it wrong. When i pull the trigger i get pressure for like a second them the pressure dies and it sprays like there is no pressure then while still holding the trigger it sprays hard like normal for 2 seconds then it dies down again with no pressure. It keeps this up the entire time you have the trigger pulled and never stops that pattern.
Hope that explains it a little better. I did check the screen and it looked clear nothing stopping water there

I did take the top off and pulled the trigger and the water flows out with no problem it’s just when its under pressure say with a 0 or more tip. It actually didnt do it with the wide fan type tip only when i put the 0 or smaller tips

What kind of pump is it? Is the unloader built in to the pump or is it separate? If it is built in, you are better off changing out the pump. It does sound like the unloader.

The unloader is underneath the black plastic cap the i had to remove 2 Allen screws and pulled the unloader out of the hole. But i looked brand new and i put some grease on it. Do they sell just the unloader?

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That’s a Karcher pressure washer. I’ve got the “spill valve”, as Karcher calls it. Sometimes even replacing it doesn’t help. Let me know if you need one.

How much are you asking shipped? I would hate to spend the money and that not be the problem. Let me know.

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So would there be anything else to check other than the unloader valve?

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ok so apparently i need 10 post to send a private message…so im wondering is there a way to check the unloader valve? Again it looks brand new with no build up or anything?

Does anyone have a complete rebuild kit for cheap? Is that even worth doing?

I was also thinking…what if i just removed the unloader valve? Would that fix the problem or make it worse?

From what you describe it is a consumer model pressure washer with the unloader built into the pump. You could probably get a replacement pump for $200 delivered.

If you remove it, it won’t develop any pressure at all.

Not for a Karcher. AND, they make sure that no one else’s pump will fit, too

Scratch that here is a pump for $79 that fits that engine.
Pressure Washer Pump Fits Too Many Models to List | eBay

On a honda engine?

So you think its the pump and not the unloader?

I did some more testing and i took the gun off and the water was not a long stream more like a 2-3 foot water falls like if you took the sprayer of of a garden hose and just had it turned on. Them all of a sudden the stream got about 20’ long and was a perfect stream. Like something kicked in.

Just sent this to get 10 post so i can private message.

Did you ever figure this out. My dad has this same unit and doing the same thing. I guess i will order a new pump and swap it.