Homeowner's Insurance and Small Business Owners

I know that a lot of guys depend on their home owners insurance to protect them against equipment theft.

Can you give us some insight here?


There is no coverage on any type of homeowners insurance policy for equipment used in business.

If you use valuable equipment for your work, chances are it is vital to the operation of your business. Having the right insurance to cover your business equipment means you’ll have peace of mind that if it is damaged or stolen, you’ll have the finance to replace it with minimal disruption to your business.


Thanks, Amy

A lot of misinformation gets passed on as fact. It’s nice to have a source for correct information.

And that my friends, is the PWRA.

I need a ballpark of what insurance costs folks. Small timers like me with 10k of equip. I’ve got a quote coming from JWalters. I’m just impatient :slight_smile: