Homeowner Needs Help

Just curious . I am not a professional . But to soft wash my home and out buildings it cost me $3100 . That was 3 years ago . I have a pressure washer already that supplies 4 GM 4000PSI.

I need a Pump for softwashing that can shoot at least 3 stories . Does anyone own the Newer 24 V Pumps ?? The 10 Gallon a Minute ones

**AlSO ** I have 8 outside electrical outlets , I have an 80 foot well I can connect directly to bypassing a fill tank.

Question : Are there good pumps that I can wire to plug in vs lugging a battery ?

I can probably reach everywhere on my house walls with a 12V Pump.
My roof is where the concern is . It’s a 9 12 pitch .

I really would appreciate some professional help . I don’t see why I would need rinse barrel or proportioner etc.

How big are these buildings and how many are there? For $3100 it seems like there would be several, or did that include a roof wash?

I want to get this straight though. You’re talking about buying a 24v pump ($450), chem hose ($200) a gun with the right nozzles ($130) plumbing all of that to at least a 40 gallon tank ($300), Lord knows how much bleach and then spending two days washing your house rather than hiring a professional?

Do you have any experience washing? What kind of equipment do you have? A chem tank, a 12v, the right nozzles, the right bleach. Do you know which percentages to use and not kill your plants or ruin your house? Do you know any vendors?

It sounds like this job is a big undertaking and you would be much better off paying someone before spending money on equipment you will use once a year. That or use it to start up your own company and become a professional

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It is a big undertaking . There are 2 out building . Both Garages Both 24x24 with 4 twelve pitch . The original $3100 Included just the roof of my house . And a quick spraying of of the 2 garages . Which actually needed more of a scrubbing then soft wash as they didn’t have mold buildup .
I have a 13HP Honda machine that puts out 4 GPM . I purchased an assasin nozzle from the power wash store. I’ve already redone the back garages using 10 % SH mix and 2 % Surfactant . It still looking dirty so I purchased some of that 30 Second cleaner Home depot sells . Applied it with a garden Sprayer . The siding looks New .
I wasn’t planning on doing a full set up Softwash . I already own a Boom Sprayer that is 30 Gallons I use to spray my Acre of lawn . I can easily attach a bigger pump . and have something to spray my house with and just rinse with a Power washer with that assasin nozzle I can get up to rinse 30 plus feet .
My roof is the real issue . I don’t know the exact Sq footage . I would guess since the first floor is 2000 sq ft My roof is at least that .
I don’t feel like climbing that roof . I’m 66 and a 9/12 pitch is fairly steep . I do have scaffolding and ladders . So I could get up on it . But was trying to avoid that .
I figure for someone to come out and even charge me $2000 . I can pay for a basic Softwash Setup in 1 wash.
I’m a do DIY type . As I built the House and Garages . ANd I don’t mean sub contracted .

Maybe I don’t need a 24V Pump Maybe a 12 V will do . As for a battery . I sure don’t need a $300 one .
What do you think ? How High can I actually reach with a 12V Pump.

Last : My roof is just starting to show moss building up again. SO I assume a 6% Mix Might suffice . It’s general 4% Right ?

PS why would I need a ton of bleach . At 4% mix Or let’s say 4 to 1 . How many gallons does an average roof take ?

What needed scrubbing then? Something doesn’t make sense there…

Add to that there’s no reason a roof should need a wash again after 3 years, and def. should not have moss growing. If you hit something with 10% (even if this was heavily diluted), and then some junk from a big box store cleaned it up, there are a lot of things that make no sense here. At $3100 I feel like there’s more to your home than we’re getting here.

I spend most of my time in the office, but I do teach alot of the “how-to” with new guys, and I’m not crazy about undertaking washing my house with pro grade equipment and my limited experience. I’ve always been a DIY guy myself, but there are times when paying a pro makes sense. I mean, it’s your property, so have at it if you want.

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I can understand washing your own siding even if you’re doing it wrong with 30 second cleaner. Its your house and if you’re happy with the results then so be it. But when you start spraying hot mixes like 4-6% everything gets exponentially more complicated and dangerous especially when you’re doing it on a roof. 6% SH is dangerous.

You should absolutely hire a professional contractor to clean your roof. If you want to tell us which city you’re in I’m sure theres someone on this forum who is happy to help.

I would be doing a disservice to any washing contractors in your area if I were to answer your other questions though. If you’re dead set on doing it there are plenty of resources out there but please be extremely cautious. Goggles, respirator, harness and don’t do it while you’re home alone.


You’d be looking at a few hundred dollars of SH (probably $300+/-) for what you want to do, depending on if you can get decent contractor pricing from someone, more likely closer to $500 in your situation.

Thanks Much Have a good day .

You can buy a pair of scissors for a dollar or two but a haircut costs $20. I can’t help but wonder how all these barber shops are still in business.


You got a pic, would help us

He’s right though


hire a professional and dont worry about the details

Make one! You’d have a blast cleaning your property, sounds like a really nice home. My two hands just built out my rig from scratch (minus the aluminum welding). I would consider myself a newbie as I completed it just 3 weeks ago and have done a few smaller jobs so far. This being said, I was SUPER surprised with the difficulties of finding SH at a good price point and also drastically underestimated how much $$$ in SH I was burning through. Also found 10% SH from walmart does NOT work for ■■■■ compared to fresh 12.5% SH.

Not sure if it makes a difference . I have a contractors license as a result of financing my Brother in Law’s starting a Heating and Cooling business years earlier. But It was never my intentions to build my own home . The Contractor who I’d signed an agreement with , suddenly dropped dead . I’d purchased the acreage . Had the hole dug for the basement . I’d listed my existing home . So I went for it . It did help I have a good friend who is an architectural genius. Without his help I’d still be trying to figure out my roof . I’d built plenty of garages before . But never a home .

A picture of what ? The House and property ?

The house, you’re talking about cleaning the roof on

I didn’t realize SH would be so costly . However as I said it was just soft washed 3 summers ago. The only area that is showing some moss regrowth is over the garage where the valley doesn’t get much if any sun. Along with the North side of the house . The tallest wall , which is 32 feet to the peak. I also didn’t mention that I have 6 sections of scaffold that have 8 inch wheels . So I could put up 2-3 sections and spray would only need to go 20 ft vertical at any point.
I was thinking I could get a SW setup with just a chemical tank. Any rinsing I could do with an Xjet using my Pressure Washer .

I can get 55 Gallon Drum of SH @ 12.5 % Delivered to my house for $250.00 However I doubt I need that much . Nowhere close . I know it doesn’t store well and I know from experience of owning a Pool at my 2nd house . Chlorine causes things made of metal to decay .

Like I said it’s not real bad because it was just done a couple years ago. I figured I could keep on top of it a lot cheaper then paying someone . Plus I don’t have to do it all at once . The front of the house is mainly brick.

I have plenty of construction pictures : But none are pictures of the roof from above. If I remember correctly it was 38 Squares of shingles for the house alone . One of the back garages was built before I started the house . To store tools in as we worked. The 2nd I added after the fact to store all the tools I’d purchased building it . My kids are all grown and it’s really to big for just my wife and I . Buttttt it’s long been paid off and I’ve gotten pretty spoiled owning 30 acres of land . Especially after a Golf course was built across the street . I am located across from the 18th Hole . WHich is buffered by woods . SO lots of privacy .

I don’t need to know all that, just take a pic of house with roof on it that needs doing.

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LOL I know that you didn’t need all that . I mentioned it because several here seem to demand a reason why I would do such a thing by myself. For now I can tell you I looked at my Floor plans the Roof is 3800 Sq ft . There’s no green moss Just the black streaks . That are so light you won’t see them in a photo taken from the ground . I appreciate your help . But I can tell you when the guys who did the original cleaning were here . The receipt says exterior 10% Mix and roof was 6% . Then there’s a note mentioning the small area where green moss is present was spotted at 4%. At least I think it’s 4% , kinda smudged My wife wonders why I am even bothering at this point .
I will attempt to get you some closeups . Thanks much

I don’t need closeups, sheesh. Stand in the yard on the side you think may need cleaning and take photo of whole side. I clean roofs for a living. Was trying to help you out. I can look at pic and tell you what mix and how much you need and best way to get it up there. My last comment until I see a pic.