Homeadvisor + CRM Integration


Does anyone using HA use a CRM or other software that has the ability to auto-fill customer information from the HA lead directly over to the invoice template that way you’re not having to manually enter the customer information every time you want to send an invoice? Seems to be pretty time consuming having do it manually 3-4 times a day but maybe everyone has to do this?


Jacob, sorry it took me 6 days to find this post. YES, AND YES. HA allows you to integrate your new lead to your contacts from the App. Look to the drop down three verticle lines in the upper right hand corner. From HouseCall Pro you can add customers from your contacts. Takes 10 seconds, and usually while I’m speaking to my new prospect on the phone can I see a pic of their home and the square footage. SWEET!

The Customer Factor tells me it’s on the horizon.

I wouldn’t consider being without a CRM. Right now I use both HCP AND TCF. See