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So there was a big thread a few days ago about the effectiveness of various lead sources, Home Advisor being a big debate. Well, after one of their every three month follow up calls, I finally took about an hour and talked to the guy who called. I told him every concern I had and every major complaint I’ve ever read about them. He explained everything in detail and was very patient and understanding. After it was all said and done, I went ahead and signed up. I saw nothing about their program that seemed shady or scrupulous. It cost me $280 upfront plus whatever each lead cost. This happened this past Friday. My account was active by noon on Saturday. As of this moment, I have been sent $340 worth of leads and booked $2,000 in work. And I still have some leads that I haven’t been able to reach yet. My account manager assured me that as long as I call him directly, I will get credited back for any leads that I cannot make contact with. I’m not sure what everyone is complaining about. Home Advisor seems to work great as long as you stay on top of it. If you have had a bad experience with Home Advisor, it’s either something related to your particular market or you aren’t staying on top of inbound leads. I’m defininetly a fan of them at this point.


Man I hate you got sucked in. You just basically sold your business number for the right to pay 20% finders fee.

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That’s one of the primary things discussed with them, this idea that they hijack your online presence and just replace your contact info with their own. He insists that there is no such practice. He assured me that my self created web presence won’t be effected by their own marketing. And of course I plan to keep an eye on it and make sure that no such thing happens. And if it does, I’m not contractually bound to them. In the meantime, I’m getting solid leads (that don’t seem to want to bother shopping around) for about $19. Not a bad return in my opinion. One lady booked my services without even getting price first. She just trusted me since I was on home advisor. That turned into a $600 job. I can’t complain much there. I do plan to be to the point where all my work is organic and referral driven, but I’m not there yet. But that’s always a work in progress.

$2000 work of work for a $340 fee plus the membership does not seem like mush of a deal. Especially if they need policed all the time. They have contacted me but I have not bought in. Would be curious how its been going for you though if you want to update your thread?

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They call about once a week. They have cussed me when I tell them I only work with legitimate companies. Pretty foul mouthed salesmen

Ive been getting calls from them recently too. They’ve really stepped up the sales since acquiring angies list.

I love Home Advisor. I made $40,000 last year from Home Advisor leads. And I started in September. People complain about it all the time, but I absolutely love it. The two largest commercial jobs I’ve done this year came from home advisor. I’ll likely do $100,000+ from HA alone this year.

Plus, it’s like paying $340 for SEO. The leads are $16-25 for residential or $50 bucks for commercial and as long as your the first one to call the lead, which really isn’t hard, the close rate is like 80%.

Double plus, they set you up with a 411 listing with an 800 number, with someone who answers under your business name. This winter I’m going to start directing everything through the 800 number because it’s a legit answering service. A 411 listing AND an 800 number look good on your Dun & Bradstreet report too when you start looking for business credit.

If a lead is no good, I always call on my drive, takes 10 minutes, and 9 times out of 10 I get the lead credited. It does them no good not to credit it because I have 20+ reviews over 4.5 stars. If they don’t credit leads and I’m wasting money they know they’ll lose the $340/year plus lead fees. I am about as big of a fan of Home Advisor as there is.


Oh, and the leads who didn’t do business last year are still in your CRM to market too. I’ve had repeat customers from one $16 lead. $16 to make $800-$1200 is pretty good. I still intend to reach out to every lead I’ve gotten on the anniversary of getting them.

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You are gonna do a $100K with HA leads this year…and you only have 9 reviews from those leads for 2017…

You better start giving them an incentive to leave feedback…

I know what I paid taxes on and I know that my business doubled via homeadvisor. So yeah @JimLuke . $40k.

I haven’t figured out how to get commercial clients to review. I ask and send the email, but nothing. I keep getting repeat work from them though.

You said it! HomeAdvisor has been amazing for my business, glad it’s done the same for you!

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Actually, I was talking about the $100K expectation for this year and very few reviews… I would do all I could to get them to leave a review.

I’ve started asking for more reviews on Google since I’m at 20 on HA. I’d like to get to 25-30 there. My goal is 50 reviews for 2017.

This is my June. Only 2 jobs this month didn’t come from HA including a 24 building apartment complex that I paid $50 for the lead and is about 80% of my total June revenue. So yeah… I think I’ll do $100k or darn close to it from HA.

One of them came from a Facebook swap & shop and one came from Google.

I’m glad most of my competitors hate it. Leaves very little competition on HA. I’ve had leads that I couldn’t call for hours and I was still the first one to reach them.

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Same here man! I call them as soon as I get that text message from HA. Customers are shocked at how fast we call, schedule, and clean! I book 80-85% of all leads.

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You think KNBExteriors is a HA salesman?

Okay, thanks for clarifying. I was just verifying that you were not suggesting someone was trolling. Admittedly, I should probably have picked up on your meaning. Please forgive me & yes, you should probably stay away.

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LOL…I sure will!

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