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For the record I take a great deal of personal responsibility in all aspects of my life. I am raising three kids. Irresponsibility has no place in my home. I think things through and do lots of research. I gave HA 50/50 after the research. Lets keep in mind, HA has the funding to keep up with the bad reviews. I rolled the dice. No biggie. But for some, those funds may be really important. Piecing up my opinion shouldnt be necessary if they were so great. They should build a reputation that speaks for itself, like most of us do with our businesses.

HA is to advertising, what a 24’ yellow pole is to pressure washing…


Then why peddle to the new businesses? 40 trucks… lame


Again, to each their own. We can’t all be music city garage doors who started in 2014 and has been on HomeAdvisor for 3 years with 268 reviews and 11 reviews on google… so they’ve obviously found their marketing niche.

HomeAdvisor levels the playing field. And if that company could build a business on HomeAdvisor when everyone else is focusing on google don’t expect the same new guys… there’s no real path for you.


My problem is when guys get on here and crap on it after other people talk about their successes when not one of us has followed a Google AdWords post talking trash about your particular marketing method and the success you’ve seen from it.

HomeAdvisor works if you take responsibility for making it work.


I could build a business on HA. I already said it can work. Its just not the way I choose. I have a family member that uses them. Ventura Ca. Garage Door Co. $50 leads, $5000-50000 returns. Its great. But, $20-50 for what we do is not the same. The margins change. Even if you did 10 arounds… You know this.

So now, the HA discussion is your area, adwords is ours? Wow. I feel; segregated

I feel its important to let people know the other side to HA. Like you said, research. Now they can come on here and read about the other ways HA can go for them. Is that not ok with you? Why would you only want success stories without the other truths? That would be irresponsible.


This would be a great place to chicken hawk new guys. Peddle products, equipment… 24 foot yellow poles


Lol. Ok… I’ll say it again… do your own research and make your own decision… if you have success with it be prepared for someone to come crap on your success because they couldn’t get the same result.

Much success to you Nashville.


Huh??? I’ve never sold a thing on here… sent a lot of free stuff though.


You too @squidskc!


Hey man. I want to apologize for going off the rails there. There’s a couple reasons I can use for excuses, but none of them any good. Every business is going to run differently and every market is different and I sincerely do wish you the best of luck.

I was uncharacteristicly frustrated and can be incredibly opinionated. Usually I can compartmentalise it, but my self control was on vacation. If you’d prefer an apology over the phone I’m not above it.


I get a credit back pretty quick, you must call them from your lead you got on your phone/computer… Call their number from the lead then you got 24hrs to get credit with why it was bad… Over 24 hrs its denied
That has worked for me anyway


@squidskc, thank you for that! Much appreciated and accepted. Your input here on pwra has been helpful to me and Im sure to many. I refer to and use it often! I hope you continued success with your business and in life. Maybe I’ll see you at a trade show soon and we’ll shake on it!


Get this year in a half Im moving to Mt Juliet, Gladeville, or Lebanon. Both my kids live in Mt Juliet I’m fixing to retire in a year at 64… We now live in Jackson , we are now looking for a house and about 5 acres… I got to have a shop or few acres to build one… Daughter is a Dr. at Vanderbilt so RN/Nurse Practitioner at St Thomas So we are heading your way hope we meet up …O you have to click on get Credit on the page it walks you through it…


Knocking on doors and speaking to potentially customes is free.


@Nashvillewash, Brodie, props to you guys. You both have extremely strong opinions on the topic, but kept it civil (from what I can tell). Lesser men would have gotten this incredibly informative thread moved to the private Lounge.

I’m glad to see both sides of the topic covered in frank detail. I think it’s important for people (especially new guys) considering a marketing option like HA to know what they’re getting into, and what personal commitment they may need to invest to get a good ROI.

My personal experience with HA has been a bit lackluster. But thankfully, I’ve also managed to not spend much money with them, either. I turn my leads off most of the busy season, and don’t pay any monthly or yearly fees (got grandfathered in). I won’t quit HA because I have a decent amount of reviews built up with them.

I’m at the point where I’m too busy to respond to HA leads quickly enough to capture the sale. But even when I could have used the work, I didn’t have the organization/discipline to have a solid follow-up/remarketing strategy, and my ROI suffered.

So my advice to new guys: if you’re a go-getter like Brodie, who has the discipline and organization to really make your blows count, I think HA is worth at least looking into, but with a small dose of skepticism.

But if you’re easily distracted, have trouble following through on your grandiose schemes, or are the type to wonder why everyone else seems to “have it made”… well first off, self employment might not be for you. But secondly, stay away from HA until you pull it together. Or you’ll be flushing good capital down the drain. Stick with door hangers and your diy website :wink:

or, if you’re already at the point of having mostly enough work, button up your current marketing efforts and stay clear of HA. I sincerely believe that there are easier ways for established businesses to pull in a little more work, than to sign up with a middle man org that deliberately pits you against your competitors.

In my experience, most people who find you through traditional marketing methods won’t bother with getting competing quotes. Those who do, typically stop at one or two additional bids. HA puts up to 5 in front of the customer. Being the best or most established at what you do doesn’t guarantee you the sale. Being a better salesman and customer service professional is what counts in that scenario.

Just my 2.5¢ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


BOOM couldnt have said it better your dead on about the salesman part.


Hey there! I feel like home advisor is great but they have a major flaw. You’re not the only one getting the lead. At 15-20 a lead it sounds like it can be pretty expensive. If I were you, I would recommend in looking to do google adwords with someone who is experienced, or learn it yourself. But be careful, it can be a money pit if you don’t know what your doing. I personally run adwords for primarily power washing companies and pay anywhere from 5-25 dollars a lead in a highly competitive NJ market depending what campaign im running. This includes commercial in the blend. Depending where you are you might even get leads cheaper.


I recently started with HA and it’s been a great help so far. I’ve read on here that to kind of gauge your quotes/jobs won ratio, you should be at no less than 20%. I think that’s low based on my limited experience.

However; although HA is working for me, I was introduced to a similar system called “Network “. You don’t pay a membership and there aren’t any background checks. You pay them $200 to get in and they deduct the $20 leads from that. The guy told me they were good leads and gets plenty of them.

Has anybody else heard of this?


I made one inquiry with those hacks (HA) and they’ve been bothering me for months. Very high pressure sales and will list anyone who pays them.

On our last conversation, I told them I could work their customers in, but I’m booked three weeks out (February) and I haven’t heard back from them since.